MIAMO is a consulting firm - which means, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with a "one-stop-shop" solution, which also allows us to provide a personal touch, to set your mind at ease.
Whether it be Training, Ledger Review, business process evaluations, new property setups (including TIC entry), staff support and guidance, and everything in between, trust the proven experts at MIAMO to promote growth and success for YOUR organization!

Accuracy is very important when running a company.  And since financials are the cornerstone of success, making sure vouchers are entered correctly and validating the accuracy of the data are the cornerstone of strong business practices.  MIAMO meticulously checks and double checks so that you can keep your mind at ease, and your business moving!

So, you have some G/L concerns that need attention?  Let MIAMO do the scrubbing for you!  Our consultants are trained to find even the most minute discrepancies, to make sure your books are accurate and - most importantly - Neat & Tidy - just in time for Audit Season!

MIAMO has developed a proven training method that has been tested in efficiency and shown to improve the local staff's knowledge exponentially. In a classroom-style setting, the participants receive one-on-one tutelage from a confirmed Subject Matter Expert - used to train clients and internal staff, and also other trainers!

To understand the requirements of a project, you must first assess the key components that will be contributing to it. This is why MIAMO offers a comprehensive Business Process Review. It allows us to evaluate factors such as resource utilization, current processes, core efficiencies, etc., to ensure that MIAMO's efforts effectively align with the business. Even if you decide to go in another direction, you'll have our BPR Summary as a tool to help navigate through the tough areas.

Even with the brightest minds at your disposal, it always helps to have someone "quarterback" the team.  That's where MIAMO comes in - we assess the desired results, map out a process to execute, and organize the team (either yours or ours or BOTH) to achieve maximum results! The win is at hand...let's seize it!

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